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Janine Ward

Managing Director/Mental health practitioner

01900 66375

Janine is a Mental Health Practitioner by background however has a keen interest in fitness and health. She is a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor, MokyFit and Hiit instructor and keen runner.

Janine has special interest in behavioural change with individuals for example finding out what it is that is preventing them from making fitness goals and planning appropriate interventions to overcome these and reach their goals.

Last year Janine achieved a local area Marathon (26.2 miles) despite having significant and disabling joint problems and having broke her neck in 2016! She is keen to help others reach their potential and their goals.

Samantha Joughin

Managing Director/Exercise and Talk Support Practitioner


I have been working within the fitness industry since I was 17 years old. I started as a sports coach and progressed on to finding my passion of gym instruction.

I purchased my first women's only franchise when I was 21, I had worked in the franchise previously as a regional manager and found the hydraulic workout effective and enjoyable.

After my franchise agreement was up, I felt passionate that we could achieve something more than just fitness and diet. Together me and Janine created a business which would combine our skills, strengths and passion. A one stop shop for women's health and wellbeing needs. We take a whole approach to mental health, behavioural change, exercise, nutrition and post natal services.

During the years of owning my franchise, I had two beautiful children, this lead me on to researching post natal needs and in particular I came to find another passion for carrying my babies with baby carriers. This lead me on to forming a hire and advice service called 'Together we carry'

As my passion has grown for the different services we offer, I've found a need to improve my learning and knowledge. So far I have undertaken courses in gym instruction, personal training, master personal trainer with a speciality of obesity and diabetic management, GP referral, Pre and Post Natal exercise specialist, peer support baby wearing and consultancy for baby carrying.

Currently I am finishing my BSc in Fitness and coaching and I am due to start a MSc in Behaviour Change (Health & Wellbeing) in 2021.


Group exercise instructor/Circuit trainer

01900 66375

Brenda is one of our coaches and a senior member of our team! She enjoys keeping fit and teaches Moky here at Together.

Brenda is interested in fell walking, line dancing and has a little french bulldog called Mr Thornton. She is a great role model for our older members, inspiring and motivating them to continue keeping fit and healthy.


Exercise Practitioner

01900 66375

Hi my name is kelly. In may 2015 i completed my level 2 in fitness instructing, which then lead onto my level 2 exercise to music. This was my starting block into the fitness industry, which then inspired me to do the level 3 Gp referral instructor qualification. I was awarded my qualification in september 2016. At the age of 15 yrs old i started going to the gym with my stepdad, and it was not long before i was training 6 days a week. In september 1995 i went to college and studied sport and recreation for 12 months , but left after the year to start working in the retail industry. Over the years i continued to go to the gym but my motivation was not as strong as it once was.

At the age of 26 i had my daughter, and i put everything on hold to raise her. When she was six months old i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which made me ill, causing depression and constant exhaustion.

Finally at the age of 36 i wanted to get back into the fitness industry, so i put myself through my level 2 and 3 qualification. I also have qualifications in exercise to music, teen gym qualification, and motivational interviewing


I previously worked at the moorclose sports centre as a fitness instructor, also doing Gp referrals once a week. I also taught a chair exercise class for a dementia group, and worked with disability groups. I am very passionate about health and fitness , and i am very pleased to be working alongside this wonderfull team of professionals

I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge on all aspects of health and wellbeing whilst working with the together team


Advanced Apprentice (Personal Trainer)

01900 66375

Hi I'm Chelsea I am a Level 2 Fitness Instructor Apprentice here at Together We. I have been interested in fitness from a young age and have always participated in some type of sport activity. I have always been interested in going to the gym and playing rugby and football. I currently play football for one of the local women's teams.

My career goal is to join the Royal Navy and working at the together group will help me with my B.M.I and my fitness in order for me to pass the entry requirements. Chelsea is now an advanced apprentice and is due to finish her level 3 PT as of December 2020

Jordan Corlett

Fitness and Wellbeing Instructor (Apprentice)

hi my name is jordan corlett and I am a recent addition to Together We, as an apprentice.

I have always been into sports, I studied it at college for 2 and half years, and I have also competed in a lot of sporting events. but I am overwhelmed to be apart of the team and hope I can make many memories and meet amazing people in the years to come...

Connie Moore

Fitness and Wellbeing Instructor (Apprentice)

Hi, I’m Connie and I’m a fitness apprentice at Together We. I’m super enthusiastic about the gym, and specifically weight training. I use exercise as a way to keep the mind healthy, and it’s done wonders. I can’t wait to get started properly, and hope to help others find a passion with the gym like I have. .

Ettienne DeBeer

Trainee CBT Practitioner (Apprentice) and Fitness instructor

Ettienne is currently training as a CBT practitioner, he is also a qualified personal trainer.


Remembering Sue Riach

Sue passed away on 17/9/2020. Deeply loved, missed and remembered as apart of Team Together always.

My background is in childcare, however 7 years ago I went to a physiotherapist due to back problems. After several months of treatment he suggested joining a gym and working on my muscles.

I have attended the gym ever since and it has helped greatly with my back problems, plus improved my overall fitness levels and helped me grow in my confidence.

I am developing new skills, my own personal development and hopefully inspiring others to be in charge of their own health and wellbeing.

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